Keep track of your plugins

SpaceIO offers an easy and reliable service for collecting minecraft plugin statistics.

Currently, there are 45 plugins in our database.


thanks to our clustering-system, the API is accessible 24/7 and can be scaled up on demand.


the use of our service is free, and will always stay free.

No signup.

you don't need to create an account in order to enjoy our service. You're creating a new metrics page by sending statistics for a plugin that is unknown by our service!


we're supporting Maven, Gradle, and a single class file. Thus SpaceIO is integrated within seconds.


still needing help? Then consider our discord server: link

Collected data:
  • CPU information
  • server and java version
  • plugin version and author
  • plugin list
  • servers online mode
  • os relevant information
Disabling metrics:

Just place a file named "disablemetrics" in your plugin folder.

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